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4 Secrets about effective web design designers might not tell you

4 secretes about effective web design desgners never tell you

Have you ever in the case that your designer promised to give you a brilliant design but finally what you received was just a big mess? Of course, not all of us are professional but you will know what is good and what is bad with your e-commerce website. If that big mess really comes, you will need to start over. Several months will be wasted, thousands of dollars will be burned and the most serious thing is it might hurt your business reputation.

Well, to avoid that nightmare to turn back once again, in this article, I will reveal some secrets that will never be told by designers, I hope can help you save a bundle of both time and money. Here we go:

  1. Pretty doesn’t count.

I understand you all want your site to be pretty but that beauty is just the first impression, it might not actually bring the real profit. With some points of view, beauty will like a great tour guide, shows your customers around and introduces them to points of interest they should definitely see before they leave.

Does it mean pretty is bad?

No, absolutely no. Pretty will be meaningful if it goes along with user-friendly interface. Winning design awards may be nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

  1. Don’t need to spend a fortune.

We usually hear people say that you will get what you had paid and you know, that is true. I might be fail if you spend your life savings on a good website.

Sometimes, such thing you ignore will be preyed by some designers, they will charge exorbitant rates for their own profit. So, don’t be the victim and put up with it. Check your capital budget, find designers that fit the style of site you desire for your business website. Ask for quotes, take your time and shop around. So many money will be saved.

  1. Maintaining a website isn’t expensive.

Designers usually tell you that. However, expensive charges. Charges that don’t need to be. The common fee for web hosting $5 a month, no more. About maintenance and upgrade, it will be a great idea of choosing WordPress or another CMS that just requires several clicks to finish upgrading. Remember that when any designers offers you an upsell maintenance package, let’s ask them about the fee. Then you can go and ask Google to find the reasonable price. When you hire someone, you should make sure that you will not be overcharged.

  1. Branding might be special skill but not all designers are able to accomplish it

Yeah, another secret for you. Designers will be actually good at developing graphic design reflects your brand identity; however, this case will occur if you provide them enough crucial information, then they could give the assumption.

By assuming your target market, the values of your business as well as its marketing message, they can plan the whole picture about personality and the type of experience your customers will expect when they come to your online store. So, let’s spend some time and talk to  a branding specialist before hiring your designer or at least working exclusively with graphic designers who can understand thoroughly about brand identity. That will help you avoid the case of attracting the wrong kind of people and wasting money.

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