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Magento Business Card Printing Website Theme


Business card is considered as the useful supporting tool for each business man when they want to introduce about their companies or individual. Or in short, it serves as a convenience and a memory aid. In market, the most popular business card type is in simple black and white color.

However, it seems to be out of date when business man desire to impress their partner. If you are operating printing company in this industry, as the smart business owner, why don’t you become the close friend supporting for them? Our product called Magento Business Card Printing Website Theme will make your website become the wonderful destination for the business man who desires to own a special business card. Let’s take a look over the features and benefits of our product:


  • Totally responsive
  • Professional design: customizable design comes with unlimited colors, awesome theme including 2 types of product pages and various detail pages.
  • Multi layouts and pages: 20+ pages and multi colors
  • Slider revolution powerful extension
  • 5 powerful headers and 3 strong different Footers
  • Magento extension Bundle: Price matrixOrder upload, Mega menuOne step check out extension etc…
  • Smart uploading process
  • Multi languages and currencies
  • Other useful and interesting features: Ajax cart and search pro, Quick view, Add to compare an Add to wishlist, etc…


  • Impressing customers right at the first sight with clean and modern interface, then convincing them by logical arrangement and convenient trading
  • The traffic volumes does not come from just desktop users, it will grow significantly by traffic from other smart devices
  • Never limiting your creativity, just buy one times you can create with many styles for different occasions
  • easily choosing direction for created attributes for each product
  • Being provided a professional data installation service (high quality, simple and punctual)
  • Reducing steps amount in checkout process (from 3 to just 1)
  • Forgetting the process of uploading images one by one, all images can be uploaded at the same time and in that process, you can delete unexpected images without canceling
  • Highlighting the promotion easily among variety of products
  • Attracting more foreign customers


  • Never mind about the smart devices you use, tablet, phablet or just a phone, that’s all acceptable
  • Integrating with extremely sophisticated and beautiful websites
  • Saving a lot of time used to load page, instead of loading 3 pages, 1 page is enough for the whole purchasing process
  • Seeing the total price before deciding to pay
  • Finding products easily and quickly by the attributes shown (the attributes can be search by some keywords about name, description…)
  • Comparing products to others to make the best choice
  • Adding products to cart, updating quantity or removing products from a cart easily
  • Seeing the final version of the product they are buying through the images taken at different angles, which will avoid customer frustration effectively
  • Choosing appropriate delivery time providing that it is the best suitable for you, this function will avoid the situation when the products are delivered but you are not at home.
  • Choosing appropriate languages and currencies from the list


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