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Magento Canvas Wall Art Printing Website Theme


After a hard and stressful working day, no one wants to come back home and face with so boring and monotonic wall in the house. A lot of people choose to fill all that boring space with printing products for Canvas and wall. It can be affirmed that the market for this kind of service is actually potential and beneficial. The most convincing evident for this statement is shown through the increasing amount of companies working in this segmentation.

If you are small and medium companies that desire to take a steady position in this market, we, Cmsmart are all glad to offer you a super product called Magento Canvas & Wall Art Printing Website Theme. It is totally affordable for your companies. We are confident that our product will support you to bring your creativity to inspire your customers’ houses with outstanding features and benefits listed below:


  • Stunning design theme
  • Multi layouts and pages including modern preset homepage, multi colors and 2 kinds of categories of page.
  • Fully responsive
  • Wonderful header and footer
  • Magento extension bundle with Price Matrix (Showing Price matrix in product detail) and Order Upload…
  • One step checkout extension
  • Mega menu, Ajax cart and search pro, product label, quick view, etc.
  • Multi languages and currencies
  • Uploading a lot of files at the same time (allowing to delete while process hasn’t finished)
  • Slide revolution


  • Just after a short time (about 30 minutes) for installing, you can own a beautiful and modern website
  • Customers cannot take their eyes off your websites due to impressive design, charming colors and convenience of trading
  • Your website’s traffic volume will be the sum of traffic from desktops and other smart devices
  • The data installation service is provided at high quality, fast and punctual
  • Displaying all content in logical and wonderful way by a lot of effects through visual oriented interface and options
  • Simplifying checkout process from 3 steps to just only one step
  • Uploading all images at the same time, in that uploading process, you can delete unexpected images just by one click
  • Extending customer segmentation in terms of geographic


  • Trading at really professional environment with eye-catching and functional theme
  • Any browsers or devices can be accepted when client visit websites
  • The amount of money customers need to pay will be calculated accurately and displayed before deciding to make a payment
  • Uploading their own images for special requirements to design printing products by themselves
  • Saving a lot of time for loading, just in one page, check out process is finished
  • Shopping without waiting, filtering required products from the lists
  • If customers see what they like, add to wishlist by one click and they can compare the products with others to make the best choice
  • Approaching products without worrying about difference in languages and currencies


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