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All about Magento product designer extension

Higher living standard will lead to higher demands in our life and online printing is not exceptional, when we put in keyword for printing, thousand and thousand of results related to printing website returned and through that result we can define that there’s a huge demand in printing and it is actually an intense competitive. So one question raised is that what are the criteria to make your website would be more interesting and have a big attraction compares to other? It is always the main concern and headache problem for any printing business. After making several researches and studying carefully about this industry, Cmsmart team have worked on a project, the final product called Magento product designer extension.

Magento product designer extension

With the passion and effort, we are proud to introduce you this Magento extension. We believe the product will bring a lot of satisfaction for all customers. Fast, efficient and safe are what we want to reach when we started to make this product. With our product, the printing job becomes more favorable, saving time and money for your customer.

If you want to know more about the benefits that Magento product designer extension can bring, here is the list of the most outstanding features

Main features:

  • For web owner: First of all, it is so easy to integrate into your Magento platform. You can manage font, text, image simply but very special for your customers to design it by their own, give them a to z solution on web to print.
  • Manage design customer: That is excellent function for web owner. All customer’s design will be managed in admin page so web owner can view any design to know then improve product to suitable for customer’s tendency
  • Easy to use: This Magento extension is fluent to understand and execute for everyone. It got friendly interface so people can handle it easily without the software knowledge
  • Get color and size of design: That is a great function, system allows customer to determine exactly size and color of each regional design. Some choices with simple color and size will be provided in case customers do not have any special requirements.
  • Help tool: We offer have a powerful tool on the right side of web with lots of functions to help customer design their product like: zoom, move item design, preview, flip, align and …
  • Add text/clip art: When customers want to add anything on their product, just click into “Add text” button, the powerful tool box will appear and they can do many things to show up their personality such as font, text style, align, size and text curve, this feature also enable customers to rotate and move their text to anywhere. Beside “Add Text”, we have “Add Art” which has thousand choices of art style, so user can choose to apply. With our product I believe it can satisfy the most meticulous customer.
  • Upload image: Some customers do not want to add any text or art, they just need an image of their family or friends for their printing product,we got a function to solve that problem. “Upload image” allows to upload file PNG, GIF, JPG with min or max file from their computer, after that they can rotate or resize that image as they wish. So it’s actually quickly to get ready for their product.
  • Save and re-edit designMagento product designer extension allows client save design, share and re-edit design. Whenever customers finish their design they can save it and start making a new design or keep working until they satisfied with their product. Product will be saved on customers account so they can view and re-design anytime by visiting their account page and choose design which they want to modify.
  • Design any product/ product template: Customer can add any type of product and build product design with color, add text/arts ….Beside it we have some perfect templates using text and image to help customer can show their idea with some easy manipulations.
  • View design customer after order: Customer can view all their design through going to their account page.

That is some main features of Magento product designer extension. Beside it our products have some others feature like: Multilanguage, various fonts, cliparts libraries…



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