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Magento T-shirt Printing Website Responsive Theme


From the first used in the 19th century through accidentally cutting the one-piece union suit underwear into separate parts including top and bottom garments and without buttons, until now, T-shirt become one of the most popular costume all over the world. Whenever looking around, you can see people at all of ages wear T-shirt, from the kids, the young, adults and even the elderly. Although T-shirt is not a luxury product, the market for this product is actually potential and fertile land for benefit trees grow.

This enjoyable project is actually a good chance for both small and medium company if they desire to gain higher achievement. To be unique among hundreds of websites of other companies, it is a great idea if you believe in the efficiency of our new product call Magento T-shirt Printing Website Responsive Theme. It is specially designed for T-shirt printing companies. It not only allows you offer customers wonderful printing T-shirt but also let your customers design what they want to print by their own. Interesting? You will be more excited if look at the features and benefits mentioned below:


  • Totally responsive
  • Stunning theme, Slider Revolution, Powerful header and footer including 5 types of header and 3 types of footer
  • Magento extension bundle: Price matrix extension, order upload
  • Multi layout and pages: 20+ pages, multi colors.
  • One step checkout process
  • Easy to instant data
  • Uploading multi file in the same time
  • Deleting/ Canceling files in the upload process
  • Mega menu, Product label
  • Ajax cart pro and Ajax search
  • Add to compare and wish list
  • Multi language and currency


  • Saving tons of time from installing process, just after 30 minutes, this number one template in printing industry is ready to use
  • Increasing the traffic amount from smart devices, not just from desktop users
  • Installing process is so easy and shown detailed in the user guide
  • Changing the visual appearance as any styles you design with unlimited colors in back-end
  • Making the change by setting up layout and pages for each important occasion.
  • Uploading some types at the same time just in few minutes, in that process, if there are some unexpected images appear, you can delete without interrupting the whole process.
  • Presenting all attribute of website for customer to look product easily.
  • Information is arranged clear and neat
  • Customers from different countries can easily enjoy your service


  • It does not require special browsers, any browsers or smart devices can be used to visit the website.
  • Integrating with very impressive and professional website
  • Can see the total amount of money they need to pay for all the products they buy.
  • Uploading their own images in case they require a special printing products that brings their own mark
  • Reducing time in the check out on just one single step to finish
  • Easy to compare with other products, see before purchasing or save to wishlist
  • Foreigners can choose appropriate languages and currencies for trading process.
  • Easy to see the products if they are on promotion


Magento T-shirt Printing Website Theme

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