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The Newest Magento Themes for Online Printing Website

In the recent articles, I have introduced you some Magento themes which were created especially for online printing website. So in this article, I will continue to introduce some beautiful theme for Magento printing website: Photos Printing, Gifts Printing, Christmas Card Printing, Stationery Printing and Mugs Printing.

They are the latest Magento themes which were released by Cmsmart team. They were developed for different categories of printing but all have a same goal: helps online printing companies can build a powerful and professional website by the most convenient and easiest way. Now, we are going to the first one:

Magento Responsive Photos Printing Website Theme


Photo printing is trending in our modern society when we want to save a moment time in amazing photos. Do not miss your opportunity to install Magento responsive photos printing theme into your website. It makes your customers get more creative.

Photos printing theme will bring many benefits than you thought. This product comes with a reasonable price which is the best choice for you compare to other themes in the market at this time. This theme has many powerful layouts and pages with 5 headers and 5 footers styles bring your customers more shopping experience. Further more, this theme is very user-friendly and convenient from junior to senior in Magento community. Photos printing theme has been integrated many powerful extensions such as price matrix, order upload, Ajax card, revolution slider and more…


Magento Responsive Gifts Printing Website Theme


The development of a new technology makes our lives better. Therefore, if your site is improved, you can completely make a different. Even your site iss beautiful and works fine but why your sales is not increase? Now, you totally confident with your site if it is installed Magento responsive gifts printing template.

With this theme, you can choose to use from many styles that available for you with 3 homepage layouts, 2 product detail pages, 5 headers and 3 footers styles. So, you can set-up your site in admin panel with ease.

This theme is also come with many powerful Magento extensions which will bring to your site the most powerful features; this is a complete solution for online printing website.


Magento Responsive Christmas Card Printing Website Theme


If you have a printing card website, what do you do on Christmas holiday to keep your loyal customers and attract more new customers? With Mangento responsive Christmas card printing theme, you will have a chance to increase your sale significantly.

This theme is the best choice for all printing providers, it was integrated many features in order to make your site look professional and working perfectly with a clean and warm interface. This theme allows you to use many styles for your website such as 3 homepage layouts, 2 product detail pages, etc… you can freely to choose the most suitable for you in admin panel.

Not only have a beautiful and attractive design, but also have many powerful from many extensions like One step checkout, Mega menu, Price matrix, Order upload, etc…


Magento Responsive Stationery Printing Website Theme


Nowadays, printing industry has been developing everyday and if you do not have a website that get updated trends, you are probably loose a huge chance to enhance your business. Magento responsive Card & stationery printing theme is created and change to suite for customers needs.

Why you should use this theme? Firstly, various styles of Headers and Footers make your site not boring. A beautiful interface was created by a professional design team of CMSMart makes your site have an eye-catching design; you can impress your customers in the first look.

Secondly, this theme owning many extensions which will help you bring the best experience for your customers, meet all of their demands. This is a comprehensive solution which allows you to create a professional online printing website in just few minutes.


Magento Responsive Mugs Printing Website Theme


Mug printing has become very simple and popular nowadays, therefore mug stores spring up like mushroom. They offer personalized printed mugs and mugs of companies which use their logo and custom messages for marketing purposes. As a mugs pringting business owner, you cannot pass Magento responsive mugs printing theme for your printing website.

In additional to a beautifull and eye-catching design, this them also brings many powerful features to your website. Store owners can easily to install without any coding skills and they also can manage easily with a friendly admin panel.


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