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Online Printing and Digital Marketing: The perfect partners


There is no denying fact that digital marketing has been mushrooming in recent years and this trend is predicted to continue in the following years. However, when looking deeply in this phenomenon, you will see the huge contribution coming from the powerful companion of digital marketing, it is online printing.  Print improves the quality of digital marketing with distinct advantages such as personalization, tactical interpretation or environmental targeting. It can be affirmed that they are the perfect combination.

Print media – the personal connection

The statistic data reveals that 73% of small business owners using both online print and digital marketing believe that printed media is an effective tool to attract more customers’ attention and generate repeat business. Users can take full advantages of this technique by personalizing mail with the name of the recipient. Client will highly appreciate it and it will be easier for you to build the favorable relationships and goodwill

Print driving digital

Another extremely practical use of printed marketing is driving traffic to your website and promoting your sales amount though apps or social medium. The convenience is that customers can use printed products along with their online presence, including:

Postcards to web

In each printed postcard, you can add offers, teasers, product examples and even a QR code; you will see the miracle it brings to your traffic amount.

Table advertising to web

If your work relates to clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, you can gain benefits from printed flyers or leaflets because they will arouse curiosity and encourage visitors to check out website for listings, services and offers.

Newsletters to social media

You can totally bring your offers, products and services to new and potential customers through monthly or quarterly newsletters. By being informative and actually interesting, the amount of customers finding you also increase and you should make sure that you provide enough details of where to find.

Stickers to online

Stickers can make the things others cannot do and most of them are well printed. It inspires to your ideas and directs the traffic to your website and social media pages by huge amount of styles

Posters and flyers

Despites being in form of posters or flyers, your printed material should bring the main and basic information but it can leave vivid impression to encourage client visit your website for more details.

Consistency counts

First impression is actually important and quite hard to build but how to keep brand, design and message consistent across all your printed and digital media is necessary as well. Let’s generate a recognizable business wherever it’s seen.

Making your print work for you

With long year experience in this industry, we recommend that high quality print only comes when you have more ideas or advice on how to make your printed and digital marketing work together for your business.

Source @digitalprinting.co.uk

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