The Bright Future of Online Printing

Predicting about “bright future” whenever talking about the future development of online printing is not overconfident. The reasons for this optimism are in the fact that we observe every day such as the steadily and certainly increasing in the combination between marketing departments or agencies and print. Even an online retailer package, irrespective of provenance, containing leaflets, vouchers and discount ...

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Online Printing and Digital Marketing: The perfect partners


There is no denying fact that digital marketing has been mushrooming in recent years and this trend is predicted to continue in the following years. However, when looking deeply in this phenomenon, you will see the huge contribution coming from the powerful companion of digital marketing, it is online printing.  Print improves the quality of digital marketing with distinct advantages ...

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The Online Printing Resources

In recent years, the advancement of online printing is undeniable when we observe the new breath of air for creative experience it brings to almost industries or even in our daily life. We can meet the application of online printing from a photo book to business cards, banners, brands. Creating cool and impressive things is so easy and wonderful when ...

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Simple and affordable: Profundus One delivers customized web-to-print


In the past, customizable CI-conform print products seemed to be the playground of only large companies. They engaged that game by putting it up via an online print portal. However, this case has changed in recent years when a Hamburg-based software developer tends to care more about not only marketing departments and agencies of smaller businesses but also the customer-specific ...

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The continued benefits of printed marketing

Young Handsome Graphic designer using graphics tablet to do his

When looking at the item around you like business card, stickers, labels, posters or banners, can you find what is the common point of them? Yep, so simple, they are all the products of digital printing and the contribution of printing to every industry is undeniable. The question raised is what are the key success factor that can make printed ...

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Why Need Web To Print?


Today, Internet has changed a lot of habits of humans. It affects many aspects of life, and in business, too. Printing industry is also affected greatly by internet. Besides the traditional way of printing, web to prnit is emerging as a new trend in the printing industry. Web to print is a print and marketing collateral management technology that takes ...

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The Online Printing Checklist


It is not a simple task to offer artwork for online printing and obstacle still comes even with the professional or experienced designers… So here is the easy to follow guide for successful online print. Let’s check out the following online printing checklist if you’re not sure if your artwork’s up to scratch. Your document size is completed trim size. Your document will ...

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5 Tips To Retain Customers In Print Commerce


How to attract new customers and retain the existing one is a headache question for each management. According the experience of companies, they all agree that it is easier and even cheaper 5 or 6 times to retain customers rather than find the new one. The result of study made by Frederick F. Reichheld and W. Earl Sasser Jr show ...

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5 Tips Social Media Marketing for Online Print Store


The more information technology industry develops, the more people appreciate the contributions of social media marketing, which is the process of obtaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. And what about online print store and social media marketing? Wow, most of people approve that it is a perfect combination. However, not all users can understand thoroughly about how ...

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4 Tips For Implementing Web to Print Software


In recent years, Web to Print is not a strange concept with web users and developers. They discuss a lot about this hot topic and focus mostly on some outstanding features such as supporting communication of printed materials to customers and internal employees. In Ecommerce industry, its contribution to all types of products is undeniable, it is an effective tool ...

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