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Print Industry: Growth and Innovation


From the time since Internet and smart devices became an indispensable part of our life, a lot of people think that printing industry would go down, at that time, printing industry was mostly traditional printing. With high accessibility to a variety of digital screens and consumers favoring digital sources of entertainment over physical ones, it makes sense that paper isn’t used as regularly. In fact, there was nothing called falling down, printing industry had new aspect that is online printing. From the data collected in several years, commercial printing is even on rise. The Commerce Department revealed that printing in 2015 exceeded $7 billion in market value, 3 percent rise in comparison to 2014.

Printing is not struggling, it even gained an enormous step, a lot of business owners want to join this industry but they still feel confused on keeping up with client demands. In this article, we will bring you the overview about online printing now and in the next year:

  1. Web to print

In digital business world, those that rely completely on physical documents and assets are at a loss, especially in comparison to their brethren that put their faith in technology a decade ago. Of course, we cannot depend totally on digital, but it will play an actually important role in our life. Web to print is a perfect digital solution and it is predicted to be invested up to $259 million next year according to Info Trend. Web to print allows users to upload their content to cloud services and order those materials to be printed and shipped anywhere. Web to print makes all tasks become more quickly and easily.

  1. On-Demand Printing


When web to print solution becomes popular, that companies reduces amount of paper in office is normal and as the result, the meteoric rise in use of on-demand printing seems to be not surprisingly. With On-demand printing, users can order print resources in a piecemeal fashion, or in short less paper will be wasted. If your work requires to update and send content to satellite locations frequently, do not ignore On-demand printing. Besides that, companies can order exactly what they need without caring about time, location or shipping materials themselves.

In essence, it’s over the time of  bulk ordering, the demands of smaller, more personalized offerings are increasing.

  1. Digital Content Distribution

After organizations choose web to print solution, recognize the role and importance of On-demand printing, the next step is using digital content distribution platforms, and we predict that this demands will increase rapidly. Printing never dies, it just combines to technology to achieve the higher level. Now, businesses can upload content online and host it on digital content distribution platforms, allowing their partners, employees and customers to order branded print resources as they wish. All parties can access  the same documents and contents. If you trust digital content distribution platforms, you can regularly update the materials, keeping up with client feedback and business process changes.

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