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Printing website theme is the best Magento web to print solution

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There are some moments; we observed that printing industry had some signs of slowdown and  even leveling off; however, it can still be said that printing market is doing well. Many people consider offsets as flat, with not too much decline. In this 2016, along with the recovery of economy, printing industry will also come back, we sure. According to the data collected, in the end of 2015,  inkjet production volumes are growing in double-digit percentage rates and toner in single-digit rates, this is the most convincing proof for our statement. If you look more deeply in the mature market, there is a fact that printing take a special role in wide range of areas. If considering in value terms, the growth in digital printing reveals that market value is generally growing ahead of market volume. And if you ask people, especially new consumers, the answer is always that they prefer digital printing because of its low cost, high quality and convenience. When both consumers and business switch to digital media en masse, in the next about five to ten years, some of traditional printing machines will become dormant.

Do you agree with the evident we mention above? Do you think that it’s time to have a printing website for your own? In the next part of this article, we are glad to introduce you a best Magento web to print solution. Only when you try it, do you recognize that it is the best web to print solution.

Magento Printing Website Theme

This is a wonderful Magento web to print solution coming with Order Image Upload and Price Matrix Extension for any printing companies.

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Click image to see the demo

Here is the list of features that will bring you an envious website you should never ignore:

  • Multipurpose Magento Template with Online Design package for Online Printing Company will bring you full control over to theme. So easy to custom as many layouts as you wish.
  • Ultimate layouts with Header Section (top menu, top icons, ajax cart, use menu, main menu, etc.), Slide Bar ( left and right side bar support unlimited content blocks, product filters, banners, etc.) and Footer ( logo, payment icons, copyrights, footer menu)
  • Awesome performance with high speed loading and totally responsive
  • Offering a plenty of color options to give administrators full control the theme, changing colors just by a click, so simple.
  • All things will be change in admin panel. You can choose freely color, font, font-size, background images and many other things follow your creativity.
  • Responsive Magento Theme is suitable to all screen from 204 to 1920 pixels. This element will be moved softly on every point. Your sales volume will come from many source
  • Printshop is not only have a great design but also got many powerful extensions that make it outstanding from others such as Ajax Cart, Ajax Search, Quick view, …
  • One Step Checkout feature will reduce from 6 to just 1 step to make customers feel more comfortable and help them to save a lot of golden time.

There are still plenty of outstanding features waiting for you to explore. People who dare to try will always receive the deserving awards.

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