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Small and medium business, digital printing is the best choice?


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Some people suppose that printing is printing, the final goal is still the same, any types of printing are all ok. No, not exactly. With people working in printing industry, they distinguish printing methods very clearly, for example offset printing and digital printing are totally different in terms of how they work, objectives, etc. However, in this article, the most outstanding advantages of digital printing is what we focus on as well as the reasons why this methods is always the best choice. Now, let’s start:

– Instead of using plates the way offset does or larger printers using liquid ink, digital printing is always prioritized when the needed quantities is low, for example 20 greeting cards or 100 flyers.

– In case, each piece needs its own unique code, name or address, only digital printing can satisfies this requirement.

– Due to its simplicity, the setup cost for short runs is obviously lower than other methods

– Only printing exactly the amount you need and on the time you want

– The minimum quantities for each printing time is also lower ( 50, 20 or even 1 piece)

– It will be totally inexpensive black and white digital printing

– Variable data capability such as names, addresses, codes or numbering will be finished easily

Are these advantages persuasive enough? If you desire to investigate more, we are so glad to recommend you three products from Cmsmart representing Virtuemart template, Magento template and wordpress template. These three printing products are all the sum of advantages mentioned above:

Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template

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Over 4200 printing shop owners trusted and have used this template for their sites since 2014. It satisfies the customers’ requirement of using friendly site in the most convenient way to save their golden time.


Magento Printing Website Theme

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This is a full solution for printing businesses, it can make your site more perfect. This theme is wonderful web to print solution built based on Magento open source integrated Order Image Upload and Price Matrix Extension for a printing company. It helps customers customize their design before they place an order. 10+ Home layouts, 9 powerful Headers and 5 strong Footers will surprise your visitors and potential customers.


WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Packages


It is Multiple purpose WordPress template for printing company with Online Design and Order Upload feature – all in 1 packages with complete solution. It can be said that this is the first version of WordPress that many customers expect to try after the satisfaction with the successful Magento version. It supports you to create a powerful website with custom product online and ecommerce. Website will be added the feature that allows customers to design before ordering. It is suitable to various types of online printing shops.


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