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Traditional and Online Printing: The Transformation


Printing industry is like a wheel moving continuously and each movement brings us to the new wonderland of interesting experiences. From the first appearances before 220 A.D, experiencing thousands of years of development and growth, printing is standing at the third stages, which is expansions, with the most obvious proof is the explosion of online printing. That revolution has added more choices to chosen, including digital printing, variable imaging, “direct to plate” printing and even online print ordering beside the conventional technique. It is clear that the benefits from these changes such as cost and quality are undeniable and it is also crucial to take note the ways this industry changing and evaluate between traditional and online printing.

How Digital Printers can change The Online Printing Industry

It is an omission if we do not mention to advancements in digital printing, an important landmark to conventional printing industry. This print process has become more and more popular and performs extremely well at low volume projects with quick turnaround. It can be applied to the applications that were thought impossible in the past.

Digital printing can work well with need for short run, four-color work which is as few as two or three copies or thousands. An order of 10 or 15 galley books is always available for customers to place to send to publishers or buyers. It is also a great choice that can reduce the funding concerns of companies with smaller runs of printing.

Getting Customized Products with Digital Printing

This is the great leap forward of digital printing in comparison to the traditional one because it provides the solutions for each of your variations, even with high quantities. The most outstanding feature of digital printing that everyone can observe is the ability to produce variations within single runs. As the results, cost can be reduced considerably but still keeping the originality of each element.

Online Print – Taking Advantage of Direct to Plate Technology

Direct to plate printing, an imaging technology, has been in use recently. Images created in a Desktop Publishing application can be transferred directly to a printing plate. This technique is highly appreciated due to shorter runs, more accurate, more consistent and cheaper. Because of the involvement of Internet in most of industries and the appearance of electronic marketing, the necessary task is merging traditional print marketing with online advertising, it means that you should apply some methods such as printing QR codes, including URLs and references to social media accounts.

Another change that supports for environmental concerns is using alcohol-free solutions; water based inks, and recycled paper. Customers use product from that change is considered as the way to care for the environment.

A More Dependable Digital Proofing Process

The facts have shown that it still exist some problems such as unclear lines or colors may be off. They are usually the issues for folks with advanced computers. Moreover, you cannot feel totally assured because the products in front of you are just in the screen and you cannot touch or taste.

Nevertheless, everything will be improved slowly, step by step. Although computers still provide a slightly altered version (mostly in regard to color) of what your products will look like, today’s computer programs and screens are able to provide astonishing proofs. You can observe the number of people who trust on digital proofing is increasing. We can affirm that the trend will be popularity when technology continues to improve.

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