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Web to Print Continues to Evolve


In our today’s society, along with the dramatically development of industries, no one can deny the huge contribution of printing segmentation and its evolvement can be consider as a legend. From the first appearance in China with the form of primary method, woodblock printing, nowadays, we observe the great leap forward of this industry with the most recent trend that is online printing, which is the product of outstanding process to catch up with digital era. It can be affirmed that print industry is the aspect that is actually sensitive and flexible, it does not dare to change and adapt. The reason for this statement is that when you look back to the history, you can recognize that if each industry wants to make something different, it really needs a long term strategy and process to run a huge system in the new direction; otherwise, print industry is adaptability with a willingness to seek out new technology and production methods to make print communication more accessible and relevant to our customers. One of the most considerable advancements in recent year is in web based print ordering portals, often referred to as Web to print (W2P).

Let’s talk something about the “yesterday technology”. Most of users may be get used to working with web based ordering systems from vendors using a secure login and the typical shopping cart – proceed to check out web- based buying experience. However, the demerit of this method is that these systems would spit out an order via email to the printer from the customer to be logged into the printers system manually. It is called by “web to email” or even “web to nowhere”.

This type of web based portals has been first appeared in early 2000’s; however, in the process of advancing as well as installing, even the designers also feel disappointed  about their products. It hurts their emotion because what they achieve and experience does not seem like what they really expect. It should have interacted better with customers and themselves. Fortunately, there has been much progress in the functionality of such systems in recent years.

Today there are secure web based systems that enable marketers and procurement to work collaboratively across a lot of areas of marketing communications. The print industry has developed to the step that web to print can not only deal with the ordering and reporting upon all of your print collateral but also be the effective supporter in the process of the design, editing, proofing, storage and distribution of digital assets.

Uploading, editing, proofing and going to print on many standard template brochures are the functions that are all available to user thanks to the evolvement of this system. A typical example for this case is real estate agencies. They could have user defined templates editable with pictures and copy details for each new house listed for sale and brochures set up to reflect corporate approved branding guidelines.

Customers may wonder about what their real benefits from this evolvement are? The answer is very unequivocal. The advantages are saving time, ensuring brand conformity, fully transparent reporting and auditing trails, 24/7 accessing from anywhere along with clear line of sight of all collateral that is used across their business. The trend for integrating web to print systems to he printers MIS system will help users take all the advantages and deliver correct press ready artwork direct to the printers’ output device.

Source: bhbprint.com.au

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