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Web To Print Makes Atlantic Crossing


There is a truth that America was founded in 1776 but in 1890 the economy has surpassed the United Kingdom, France to hold world leading position until today. It is undeniable that US is the fertile market for all sellers who want to succeed on their own business and British software companies are not the exceptional. They are carrying plan to enter home to some of the largest print software businesses in the world.

They have given the notice of taking its MIS software to North America with a launch at GraphExpo next month. Infigo Software Ltd (ISL) also takes part in this strategy and it has set up an operation in Florida and signed a distribution deal with Page Technology Group to take its Catfish web to print application to Americans.

It is joining Vpress which already has customers in the US and will be joining Tharstern on its stand at the Chicago show. To accordance the different legal and tax systems across the states of America, Cheltenham business decides to modify some features as well as its applications. Tim Cox has affirmed that: “We are out there and have been for a while“. He considers US as the place where provides them good opportunities for explosion because a lot of people do not understand thoroughly that they are using the Vpress software as it forms part of a larger system.

At the point of view of Douglas Gibson, managing director of ISL, he also agrees that their software is at universal rank and affects all over the world. It is known as to hold five deals in the bag to form the platform for building a system across the Atlantic. Their transactions in recent year focus mostly on some typical segmentation such as education, marketing and the communications and printing. This clue shows that web to print has an impact across the business spectrum.

To approach US print market, Tharstern builds a system and plan to cooperate with integrators on different projects. Besides that, ISL is working through Page Technology Group which will deliver sales and technical support. We can feel totally assured about its experience in this sectors with offices in three locations in eastern and central US. Their manager puts a lot of willingness for this project, with his highly experienced, he believes that the revolution that the print industry has been screaming for in web to print.

UK finishing equipment companies Autobond, Watkiss and Morgana have tried and had some success in a country where they became like a monopoly in that market. It seems like they had set the cornerstone or find the path for the later software companies. However, while Tech-ni-fold has also been successful in the US, it has had to fight patent battles to define its position on the market.

The new trend will become the potential competitor for the strength of EFI in both MIS and web to print where Digital Storefront dominate in the market. A number of less high profile suppliers will also provide string competition to the ambitions of UK competition.

Source: printbusiness.co.uk

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