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What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Print ?


We guest that you may be familiar with the traditional printing technology but it still has some limitations that make you feel inconvenient. Now, we offer to you some special experiences with outsourcing printing.  Just run off a few business cards or flyers on the office printer, it can be done right then. Is it appealing enough? The price is quite cheap as you have already bought the paper, ink and printer.

Nowadays, that the youth own a car washing is very normal. People never evaluate your ability just base on promotional materials or they wouldn’t be expecting much beyond comic sans and clip art anyway.

However, if you desire to bring customers modern and professional feeling, outsourcing print is a good suggestion we want to offer you as well as its outstanding benefits:

Firstly, we start with the things that most of businessman usually consider when deciding to invest is the cost. To make it more comprehensible and explicit, we carry out a comparison between prices for an A4 single sided color leaflet:

  • Office color laser printer: 6-12p a sheet (PC Advisor)
  • Professional Digital Printer: 19p a sheet (based on 500 copies)
  • Professional Litho Printer: 15p a sheet (based on 500 copies)

It is clear that thanks to high technology, your productivity will increase considerably, for example, 5000 A4 leaflets would be just 4p a copy on a professional Litho printer.

With Litho printer, it does not take you a lot of time but at least you need to spend 3 days for the turn around as the printing process requires a ‘plate’ being made for the print to ‘offset’ from a roller to the paper. It is supposed to be the most cost effective for a conventional high quality printing solution. This also means flyer designs need to be either required in high quantity or future proof so that details do not expire, like contact information or prices.

What you can achieve is really worth for you to wait and those outstanding results can reflect your business. It may appear a significant difference between your rivals’ marketing materials and yours due to outsourcing print.

The factors mentioned above are the thing that you should consider about print options. If the leaflet is the first channel for customers to know about your company, promoting trust and reliability is really necessary. How a leaflet printed on a home or office machine could give off the impression of a long established business that will be around if something goes wrong?


There will be some difference between firms depending on their strategies focus on price, service or print options and quality. Choosing right solutions for your print outsourcing could be considered as the cornerstone for building relationship and long lasting operation.

If you do not know thoroughly about printing industry, don’t worry, you can feel free to ask for print sample, paper weight, lamination, sizes and folds. If you get samples of actual work produced rather a print firm branded collection then you know you will be seeing the breadth of companies they have worked for, a mark of reliability.

A good destination for your company can be proved through the testimonials from credible sources or when you interact on social channels to gauge their knowledge and experience within the industry such as Facebook and Twitter, you can know about the progress as well as the time they operate the business.

You are not really satisfy with your design works or you want to make them more attractive but you still wonder how to deal with this task, some printers will offer additional services to help you get your design ‘print-ready’, or create a professional company logo. At the end of the day, a good printer will be there to help you take all the advantages of outsourcing print and help you through the ordering process.

Source: blog.print-print.co.uk

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