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Why Need Web To Print?


Today, Internet has changed a lot of habits of humans. It affects many aspects of life, and in business, too. Printing industry is also affected greatly by internet. Besides the traditional way of printing, web to prnit is emerging as a new trend in the printing industry. Web to print is a print and marketing collateral management technology that takes care of the whole print process from order entry to delivery. In addition to providing an automated printing process, it is integrated accounting capabilities and reporting to be able to make up a complete print management system.

Many people think that web to print is suitable for large printing company. But in fact, whether small or large company, they can use the web to print effectively. Here are some good reasons explain why all printing company should use web to print:

Brand Management

Brand management is important for every business. In printing industry, a brand is not just only a logo, there are much more things in it. All the elements like font, color, paper and quality, etc… should be consistent across all channels and geographic locations. That will create a complete unity to help companies building their brand.

Web to print solution it’s like a tool which helps you can manage the brand identity of your print management business. The complete print MKIS suite has a variety of built-in templates and a powerful online designer tool which helps business can easily ensure a consistent quality of printing services to the customers.

Quick Production and Delivery

With traditional printing, to receive the final product you need to go through several stages such as: calling multiple vendors, paying physical visit to various vendors, designing, sending, proofing, editing and then waiting for the product for various days. So with web to print, everything becomes much simpler. You can place order any time, anywhere. You just need to choose design, quantity and submit your order. All this process will be completed in few minutes rather than days as before. And the products will be delivered to customers much faster than traditional methods. Web to print will save tons of time.

Centralized Processing

Web to print solution will help you to create a central space for all your processes. For example, it will provide a central place to store all your marketing assets. Your customers just access the repository, select the design, specify the quantity and submit the order whenever they want to place an order. You also can use the online designer tool to edit any item and it will automatically update in the repository.

For the purchases, the web to print can help you make a purchase from a store front even if you are having materials from different vendors. Moreover, the centralized data will help you able to access online every where and in any time.

Cost Reduction

This is very important thing in business, with web to print system you will save a lot of money. It eliminates the need for hiring a graphic designer to design your print collateral. Similar with accounting and reporting, the web to print system already integrated the accounting and reporting system. You will save a lot of costs for hiring.

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