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How Woocommerce product designer takes us closer to fully customize clothing

Woocommerce product designer keep closer to clothes customizing

We all see that the future of fashion is all about customization, I mean in terms of color and printing we choose to wear. We have the combination of digital printing, artificial intelligence, and some robotics, they build the future of dye-sublimation as well as direct-to-fabric printing technology. In our today society, digital printing is not a strange and new concept because it is undergoing a period of rapid adoption today. It is predicted that every year, the market for worldwide digital textile printing will grow by almost 25% until 2019. That’s the dreaming data for any industries.

Let’s look at the market force that influences directly to this increase. In the first instance, when the fashion evolution occurred, a lot of discussions on how it gets product from the runway during fashion week to stores and ultimately customers’ wardrobes, quicker than ever. With the purpose SEE NOW, BUY NOW, Woocommerce product designer plugin has been released to respond the gap that lies between fashion shows and digital and social media era. This plugin will satisfy the demand of designing product by themselves, seeing the garments and by that product right away. Unique prints on textiles are just one part of the pie, but a significant one. It will take you from two to three months for traditional screen-printing while with Woocommerce product designer, everything can be done almost immediately.

In comparison to the traditional method, digital one can make sure higher quality, a greater variety of rich colors and unique designs at scale because besides the prints sample available on the store, customers can design by themselves. Even when you take a photo by your smart phone the upload to the printing store built by Woocommerce product designer, you will have a product with photo-realistic quality straight away. What does it mean? It means designs will be personalized for individual customers on-demand on the one hand and print JUST IN TIME will be taken advantages as much as possible.

Nowadays, the millennial generation actually loves digital printing because the cost to produce one or thousands is the same. The designers and retailers will be more flexible in changing and adapting strategy based on which pieces perform well in the market.

Artificial intelligence like Woocommerce product designer plugin will increasingly play a role in sizing solutions. Some long-year experience business owners agree that when consumers wanting more and more uniqueness, that’s the chance for business but also the challenges and you cannot still keep the conception from many years ago. You need to keep your business close to the strategy of SEE NOW, BUY NOW, then you need to work backward in our process and figure out how can you do things faster. That’s also the reason why you need the support from technology, and in this case, it is from Woocommerce product designer plugin.

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