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WordPress Online Product Designer Plugin for Printing Website


In previous articles, I was introduced to you WordPress Printing Website Templates with Online Design Tool. This is a wordpress theme for online printing website which was integrated an online designer system. It allows customer to create their own designs and customize products like t-shirt, mugs, pillows, business card, etc…

So, in this article, I will introduce to you another product which can help you to build an online designer tool for your website without need to use WordPress printing website theme. It means that you can integrate online designer tool for any website and any theme they used. It called WordPress Online Product Designer Plugin.

As its name, this is a plugin that can use for every WordPress website. This is a great solution for printing business who wants to sell the personalized products. When consumer goes to their site, through this online designer system, they can freely to create and design the product that they want to own. The WordPress Online Product designer has a completely responsive design, so customer can use this tool directly on their smartphones or tablets, it ensure the great experience on every devices. If you use Magento, there is a separate version for Magento available. Find it at Magento Online Product Designers Extension.


This plugin is very easy to install and use. Moreover, it also has many powerful features. A design tool with flexible custom options like add text & number, clipart, images, etc… This product will make designing a customized product easier than ever and above all, it suitable for all kinds of customers.


So, to understand more about this wordpress online product designer plugin, we are going to discover the highlight features of this product. And if you want to have a visual look about that, you can try the LIVE DEMO right now and you can design a product with this tool to learn how it works.


  • Friendly and easily with everybody: everyone can use this online designer easily; it has been optimized with friendly interface which will ensure that users can use it with ease.
  • Add text and curve text: the tool allows user to add text with many options like colors, fonts and sizes. This also allows adding curve text into their design.
  • Add & Edit Arts: you can easily to add arts and change colors, move, resize, rotate, delete art, flip, center function and so on.
  • Uploading images: you can upload images that you want from your computer or choose from Facebook, Instagram…
  • Insert name and number: if you want to add your name and your number, it’s very easy, just clicking on button “Add Name” and “Add Number”.
  • Save & share design: it allows you to share your design with other people; by clicking on Share button you can share your designed products with your friend on Facebook, G+, Instagram, etc…
  • Powerful layers: the layers management will help you can design your product easier. Designing like using PTS.
  • Powerful help tool: many tools are includes such as Save, View, Zoom, Share and Language…
  • Change printing type: it allows users to select or change printing type of product.
  • Various Fonts: a huge font library with 600+ fonts was included; user can freely to choose and use font styles from library.
  • Get a color and size of design: users can choose color or size of design to fit their product.
  • Price configuration: store admin can easily to set price of product based on quantity, color & size, attributes and print type.
  • Vector output – SVG: this will help to manage orders with detail of design and vector outputs.
  • Manage language: language can be changed easily with 1 click in admin panel, this plugin can work with multi languages website.
  • Manage design of customer: this will help customer to manage their designs, they can see or edit it whenever they want.
  • Manage design of admin: in admin backend, the administrator can control and manage all products and all design.


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