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WordPress Printshop online design package: Standard and Auto Recurring

WordPress Printshop online designer package

From the first time WordPress Printshop online design theme packages released, until now, we, Netbase team, has received a lot of positive response from beloved customers. We are so glad and proud about this achievement, we know that our effort has been rewarded worthy. Among plenty of questions asked frequently from our users, one issue we think people care most that are choosing Standard or Auto Recurring. To help you find the proper answer, in this article, I will make the comparison between these two choices of WordPress Printshop online design in terms of its similarities and differences. Hope you find it helpful. Let’s start:

Wordpress Printshop Online Design recurring

  1. Similarities

  • Bug fixes: Of course, when we release a package to the market, you always want to make it perfect, bug free. However, nothing is perfect, in some case it will cause some bugs due to both objective and subjective reasons. But don’t worry, for two choice, we all cover with free access to fixes and updates, until you are totally satisfied.
  • Instructions and usages: We provide user guide in each product you buy and if you still wonder about something or want to ask us any questions, our support team are always ready to help you. We will explain the how’s and the where’s so you can focus on your configuration.
  • Update Problems: It means if you cope with any updating issue of our products, we can assist you. Moreover, in case you are having an issue updating CMS, we can also support you and it does not include migration services.
  • Minor Customization: We can support you by giving you advice on how to do minor customization to our templates or extensions. However, we will not add new features to an extension or build your site for you.

That’s all the similarities between these two choices of WordPress Printshop online design package. Here we come to the differences, I mean what only has in Auto recurring choice:

  1. The differences:

  • JavaScript Conflicts: From our developing experience, JavaScript Conflicts are quite hard to identify and solve, especially with people who are not master of coding. Therefore, if any of our extensions cope with this conflict, we will help find the most proper solution.
  • Third-Party products: The conflict with third-party product is inevitable, we know that but we always try our best to solve for you. However, in some case, we cannot be sure we can solve completely so we highly recommend you to choose the full solution as WordPress Printshop online design package because there is no chance for Third-party conflicts appear.
  • On-site debugging.

If you choose Auto recurring but you don’t need, you can cancel it easily. You still  can use the product on your domain for life times, but you cannot open a ticket support nor download new upgrade versions. The benefits of Recurring is like a Shield protection for customers, so you should consider before canceling it.

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