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5 simple features every web to print system should have?

Nowadays, web to print system is one of the most popular and biggest buzzwords to describe remote publishing or print eCommerce by using websites. Partners and customers can submit print jobs, do online pre-press reviews/previews, design products such as postcards directly on a website by using user-friendly interfaces, direct marketing and offers services such as variable data printing, photo printing, postcards, booklets, brochures, and marketing campaigns. Web to print system has enormous benefits. But have you known 5 simple features every web to the print system should have? So, to discover these essential features, I have collected here some of the simplest features you should focus on when considering using web to print system. Check out now.

5 simple features every web to print system should have

A recent study shows that the greatest hindrance of successful web to print platform implementation lies in the adoption rate. Investing in a web to print platform is as same as investing in the providers as it is the software. Therefore, 90 percent of businesses need to change their perspectives and admit them as more of solution than a product. With all that in mind, I have collected here some of the most essential and simplest features you should have when choosing web to print system between the various web to print solutions on the market.

1. Ease to use

We all know that a product – you don’t need to be an expert – a completely ordinary person can easily use it. That is one of the things that decide whether customers will continue to use the product or not. If there is a difficulty in using or using it is not convenient or easy, customers will leave you and turn to find another provider that provides better web to print solutions. Therefore, when it comes to choosing simple features every web to print should have, you should consider ease to use the feature.

However, in terms of ease to use a feature, you should make sure to walk through the visitor flow, order processes for any printing solutions you are considering. Put yourself in the shoes of any end-user and ask yourself what features are needed? Ease of use is not overshadowed by other but more attractive features. Simplicity is not only one of the most overlooked factors, but it is also one of the most important qualities of web printing platforms.

2. Integrate with existing business processes

Your web to print system needs to easily integrate with your business processes to ensure there are no glitches in your workflow. Predict potential problems, you might be able to streamline a few manual actions! The solution will be able to seamlessly integrate with your system and offer many key capabilities such as a multi-level approval option, single-sign-on user authentication, uploader listings, split shipping, and ability to invoice using different methods including credit card, purchase order and budget center.

3. Elimination of Extraneous Features

Currently, most companies advertise dozens of hundreds of features that are too complicated to even understand or even unnecessary, let alone profit from it. You should select about 10 most essential features for a web to print system because only a few features are utilized by the majority of users and are really necessary. You don’t have to complicate the already complex web to print system with these unnecessary features. In addition, it affects acceptance rates and wastes a considerable amount of time and money in the process. Try to narrow your primary needs and goals 5-10 – then focus on how the foundation can fulfill those needs and goals. Find out now steps to choose the right web to print solution here.

4. Customer service and support-focused

There are two parts of this quality – service for corporate-level administrators and service and support for the end-user – that are equally important. The reality is, no matter how easy the software is to use there are many customer service related issues that need to be addressed. Other marketing and sales related technology companies (Salesforce, Hubspot, Neolane, etc.) even require you to purchase a certain amount of training when joining the platform. If you cannot understand how to use the product, the product is of no benefit. And if the product doesn’t deliver benefits, you won’t renew your contract with the customer. It is a get-lose situation for all parties. For this reason, customer service and support must be met.

Finding a vendor helps do most of the hard work for you like setting up templates, adding new products, responding to end-user customer service, troubleshooting, handling refunds or paying goods, etc. The less you worry about the product, the more benefits you can get from the web for printing.

5. Flexibility and scalability

There are two main types of web for print platforms – the one built by pure software technology companies and the one built by print / marketing firms. Each web to print solution has its own pros and cons.

Technology-based web printing solutions may have more bells and whistles than you can shake. The problem is, in addition to higher monthly fees, adoption rates are often very low. Because these companies are not responding to web-based print orders. There is not much incentive for them to step up adoption. These companies typically work with a network of third party vendors to provide you with printing and execution options. While this in itself is great, the downside is the lack of efficient, comprehensive customer service and support. The more intermediaries, the less the support.

Printing and web-based marketing for print service providers is often more focused on the end result of the software – the printout going through their building. The point is, while the monthly software fees are typically lower, you’ll pay more per order. You don’t want to be stuck using a printer that may or may not be the best person for your job (or maybe even getting your job done for that matter).

In bringing to my customers the best online printing support solution, I recommend WordPress Printstore by CMSmart. This is a product that will make it easy to survive in this printing industry when things are becoming more and more automated. While web to print might not be the silver bullet for all business. When implemented and used correctly it can be an effective go-to tool in your arsenal. It has the potential to bring massive benefits and rewards.


While the web print industry is expanding and growing, many businesses are starting to understand the different ways they can benefit from web printing. In this new gold rush, make sure you’re not blinded by all the shiny features and big promises.

Hopefully this article of 5 simple features every web to print system should have has brought to you some useful things when considering to have simple features for your web to print website.

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