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5 Tips To Retain Customers In Print Commerce


How to attract new customers and retain the existing one is a headache question for each management. According the experience of companies, they all agree that it is easier and even cheaper 5 or 6 times to retain customers rather than find the new one. The result of study made by Frederick F. Reichheld and W. Earl Sasser Jr show an interesting fact that is with only 5% increase in customer retention will lead to 100% growth of profit. You may feel amazing but it is also true with print commerce. Activating a strategy to hold customers seems to be more feasible with business owners and operators.

Keeping the loyal of current customers is considered as the cornerstone for the next step of finding new one. Moreover, if you work well with that former step, you can take advantages of mouth marketing because the existing customers will be enthusiastic to introduce you to new potential customers.

We highly recommend you to not forget to interact with your current customers from time to time.  Let’s make them feel that they are taken care of and honored through a strategic interaction or high quality service. Here are the five detailed suggestions for you:

1/ Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

As mentioned above, strategy of building customer loyalty is actually crucial and some reward programs are great idea for this strategy. Let’s take an example! You will provide 10% discount or customer card on each order of over $1000. When they are offered benefits there is undoubtedly that they will come back to you many times.

2/ Send Regular Emails

It is not a coincidence that business communication is extremely necessary; it is an effective method to build favorable relationship and goodwill. Why don’t you use email marketing? Send email that benefits your customers! They are not necessary about your products or services; they may mention relevant and interesting information. And another thing is that do not bombard customer’s email accounts with useless emails!

3/ Please Your Customers

One useful tip to retain customers is always making them happy and satisfied. There are several dozens of ways such as discount coupon, seasonal greeting offers or a gift card on special occasions or even just by a thank you email right after each purchase.

4/ Be Nice

In the fiercely competitive environment, your attitude is the thing that customers pay attention most. Never be rude with your customers because customers are always right. All you need is putting all your effort into satisfying their desire even it make take you some costs and time but you will gain the goodwill as the reward.

5/ Respond Promptly

After reading four tips above, you may ask the question is how can we make customers happy and satisfied? Simply, respond promptly! Let’s give them more than your ordinary customer service along with production and fast turnaround times.

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