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Common Print On Demand Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you a new business owner who just starting your own print on demand business off the ground? If yes, this article is written for you. Here are some of the common print on demand mistakes that every business owner should pay attention to.


Overthink, do too little

Of course, there are tons of knowledge and practical tips out there for you to take advantage of. However, it’s not easy as it sounds. You can not just gather all of it and apply it to your business and think it’ll be successful one day. The only recipe that can lead you to your own success is to research, test, fail and try again until you make it.

When starting a print on demand business, besides creating a print on demand website, getting a product design tool, and developing designs, you should choose a trusted print on demand provider also.

Don’t have an attractive website

As we mentioned above, having a print on demand website is a must. An amazing website should reflect your company, your products, and your services clearly. The website should clearly answer some basic questions that clients might have in their mind regarding your business such as Company page, Return, and Exchange Policy, Shipping Information, Contact information, and so on. Not only that, the visual of the website should be appealing, polished, and professional in order to draw customers’ attention. What’s more? Every page should always be fast and functional.

However, not many business owners have enough skills and knowledge to create a website on their own. That’s a reason why many business owners choose to outsource website development to software outsourcing company.

Don’t pick a niche

Don’t focus on one niche is a common mistake that many print on demand businesses might face. Focusing on one niche gives you a chance to attend to the market with less competition and risk than facing off big players in the market.

Use copyright-protected designs/images

It’s illegal to use an image or design that is copyright-protected. Not only is it disrespectful to the artist, but you could also face legal consequences.

Don’t pay attention to Customer Service

Customer service plays an important role in affecting your business’s success. When your reputation suffers and existing customers begin to leave, it will be difficult to generate revenue. That’s why you should invest in improving customer service as quickly as possible.

Don’t have a marketing plan

According to a recent study on business owners in the US, half of them are operating their business without a marketing plan. Why have I mentioned the importance of a marketing plan? Having no marketing plan can result in failing to allocate budget as well as operating your business, which will lead to low customer volume. And in the worst scenario, you may have to face the closure of your business.

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In Conclusion

Above are some of the common print on demand mistakes that many POD business owners might have to face when first starting print on demand business. However, there are still many mistakes you could face in the future, especially when you are actually running it. However, every challenge has its solutions. Contact us if you need help.

Thanks for reading.

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