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The fantastic printing plugin: WordPress online designer

Wordpress online designer

WordPress Online Designer, as the name suggests, is a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress that allows customers to design their product online. This user-friendly plugin can work for seasoned designers in a pinch and is especially useful for those who don’t have much experience with Photoshop or other design programs. With a wide array of customizable products, users can pretty much create anything, from bags or T-shirts to certificates or invitations. The artwork gallery contains plenty of flexible options for fonts or art templates to suit each user’s personal aesthetic preferences. WordPress Online Designer is also so conveniently arranged and user-friendly that anyone can pick up on this plugin in a matter of hours and swiftly design their product. This Plugin Online Product Designer for Woocommerce is the proud of Netbase team on Cmsmart.

Let’s try to find out what amazing things that WordPress Online Designer can do with the list of most outstanding features:

1. Easy to use

Shopper can easily use this product; it is very friendly and straightforward to use.

2. Compatible with WooCommerce

This plugin compatible with all WooCommerce website

3. Add Text and Curve Text

Shopper can add text with various colors, fonts, and sizes. Especially, they can curve and edit anything of text as shadow, rotate, pattern,opacity, outline, line height, background, etc.

  • There are plenty of fonts include in Font Category, shoppers can find it by pressing ‘More button’
  • Any text and font are available for your choice.
  • Font color is varied.
  • Font style includes italic, bold, underline with full type of alignment such as left, center, right or justified.
  • Text pattern is available.
  • Text background is available and changeable.
  • Line height, font size and opacity are variable.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension Y or X. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Text layer can be measured.
  • Outline’s color and size are labile.
  • Spacing is mutable.
  • Text can be turned, curved or rotated/reversed.
  • Default style such as arc, straight, small to large, large to small top, large to small bottom is changeable

4. Add Art

It allows you to add art, change colors, resize, move, rotate and delete art, flip, center function and so on

  • Art can be moved or deleted.
  • Art’s color can be customized.It not only give an easy way to manage color but also allows customers to change color of each part on this image
  • Art can be zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • Art can be rotated and changed its opacity.
  • Can add multiple arts.

5. Uploading images

If customers don’t satisfied with sample picture, they can upload images as they want. They also can select from many different sources as Facebook or enter image’s URL.

  • Picture can upload from local, URL or social network such as Facebook.
  • Temporarily saved uploaded files for later use.
  • Uploaded file is typed as PNG, JPG, GIF. Its maximum size can adjust in back-end.
  • Art can be zoomed or rotated.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.
  • Four types of quick-changing picture are available.
  • Picture can be turned via tool.
  • Picture crop styles are varied such as crop tool, lasso tool, heart shape, round or star shape, etc. The picture can be reset back to its origin.

6. Free-hand drawing

Especially, you got much available brushes to draw, you can create your own signature.

  • Drawing brushes such as circle,pencil, pattern, spray, square, texture are available.
  • Add available geometrics as rectangle, triangle,circle, line and polygon. Customers can change color, rotate, opacity.
  • Picture can be turned or zoomed.
  • Brush and brush width color can be changed.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.

7. Add QR code

You can create QR code and then add to your design

  • Text or QR codes can be added into picture.
  • Picture can be zoomed, moved or rotated.

8. Powerful Layers

Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers of items

  • Layer(s) can be deleted partly or entirely.
  • Layer position can be dragged to different positions.
  • Certain buttons are used to quickly change layer’s position.
  • Scroll can be created when multiple layers exist.
  • Layer can be displayed or hided easily.

9. Powerful Help Tool

More tools are included such as next, zoom in, zoom out… All buttons are arranged clearly for convenient use.

  • Double layer
  • Layer can be reversed from left to right or from above to below.
  • Next to the left, right, up or down
  • Vertical and horizontal align
  • Layer can be zoomed or deleted

10. Easy preview with zoom function

After designing, customers can preview it with zoom and view function

  • Review all design.
  • Popup full screen.
  • Zoom in for details.

11. Accept or decline design and send email

After receiving your design, Administrator will consider and send an email notification to customers to inform that their design is accepted or rejected.

This just is some main features of  WordPress online designer. Besides it has many others features such as 100% responsive and mobile friendly, various fonts, easy manage and re-design product, flexible config, powerful helpdesk, etc.


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