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Hot trends of printing industry expected in 2018

The preferences in consumers marketplace continue to evolve and become more demanding day by day and any development of printing has embraced closely technology shift. We finally leave 2017 behind, that’s a long journey with a lot of changes. A lot of achievement and beginning look forward to 2018, a promising year. In this article, I will focus on some changes in the printing market, how it is expected in 2018 as follow:

1. Greener printing practices

This part seems to be more about offset printing than the digital one. The problem is that there are a lot of printing companies but some of them choose to accept even environmentally unfriendly options for their promotional products. It might be beneficial for your business, but it is just in the short-term if you want to go for long-term, let’s choose the options that are environmentally friendly then you need to show your customers that you care, and that means using the right resources at the right times.

2. Digital printing is going increasingly cost-effective

Thanks to the continuous innovations over several recent years, digital printing is going increasingly cost-effective each day. Many offset printers are investing in at least one digital printer or press to improve their output and cut unit costs. It is predicted that by the end of 2018, the digital printing market will be worth a whopping 188 billion USD by 2018, accounting for almost half of the offset sector. That’s a huge difference because of digital’s unit costs, which are considerably higher than offsets.

3. Saas printing solution.

This model is preferred widely and encouraged by the digital printing community. Let’s see why Printcart.com from Netbase be considered one of the best Saas printing:

  • Quick implementation: Cloud printing offers a convenient and simple solution for everyone – users no longer have to worry about software, host, domain, drivers, or cables. Therefore, setting up cloud printing through a SaaS model is done easily and quickly.
  • Always be updated: The cloud ensures that software upgrades happen automatically and in real time. The latest features and fixes will be up to date.
  • Lower IT costs: Let’s think that instead of paying a lot of money for hiring developers, buying the theme, extension, hosting, domain, etc. with printcart.com, you just need to pay a certain amount of money ( depending on the package you choose), they will solve all problems for you.
  • Flexibility/ Scalability: SaaS printing offers flexibility and scalability for your business. As the business grows, SaaS printing will grow and scale with it to ensure success.


Finally, Three points we mentioned above are the biggest changes in the printing industry in 2018. Is it a promising year or challenge that will depend a lot on your business strategy. So hope this article will be helpful to you in developing printing business

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