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Is the term Web to print out-of-date?

I find myself really lucky when I have been working in the printing industry early and had the chance to see how much Web2Print technology has evolved. If we look back 5 or 7 years ago, we will found that Web2print technology has changed a lot. Even 5-7 years is not a long time but it is still quite hard to compare them to what is out there today.

Is the term Web2print out-of-date?

What is Web2print?

When I saw the latest version of the Web2print platform, I surprisingly said that it should no longer be called “web-to-print”. What we can see in Web2print nowadays is the ability to improve efficiency and become a complete one-stop shop communications provider for their customers.  Web2print has no longer just handled print and non-print products. Web2print today complete asset management, cross-media, ordering solutions with powerful backend engines that allow printers to run leaner and more accurately. If we compare to it before, too different, so should we continue to call it Web2print?

How has Web2Print technology evolved?

The wheel of technology moves so fast, really really fast. We need to actually focus to keep up. What we have today might become out-of-date just in the next month. Things used to come in a box now lives in the cloud. What used to cost a lot up front is now licensed based on pay as you grow model (how much you do with the software). Web2Print solution providers have come a long way.

In the early days, Web2Print platforms were created as job submission systems sending job tickets and files to the shop. Soon the focus shifted from job submission to online ordering –reducing errors and turnaround times. Variable Data Print was then introduced and customers were able to personalize templated assets and order them on the fly. Eventually, the platforms became an end-user experience, easier to use, and incorporated more effective production management and integration capabilities on the backend.

Due to the change in our pace of life, Web2print has been required to become bigger and add new features and capabilities. Therefore, it is not too strange when Web2print is usually designed with beautiful intuitive user interfaces that simplify search, personalization and ordering tasks for the end user. The business owner will have more tools to manage inventory, demand, cost, usage, etc.

Should we change the term Web2print?

We2Print evolved to something bigger. The term didn’t or is Web2Print now simply another feature of a bigger marketing solution. It might not be the same as when it first appeared. But if you are in the print industry you know what Web2Print means. You know it means a lot more than print. Web2Print will continue to evolve in big ways, and fast, so buckle on and stay tuned for the next big thing and make sure your clients are getting the best from you, not the other guy.

You can refer 2 web2print models:

Traditional: WordPress Printshop theme integrated online design package

New: Printcart.com – Web2print Saas solution

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