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Magento 2 mega menu: 7 menu styles for printing site

Magento 2 mega menu

There is a truth that having an online printing website for your own is never enough, why? Have you ever check its UX? Whether it is convenient for both your customers and you? To take a piece of printing profit cake, don’t hesitate to take some time for optimizing your site and one tool you should never forget when optimizing is the mega menu. In this article, I will show you the necessary of Magento 2 mega menu by answering the question How Magento 2 mega menu extension will support your printing site. Here we go:

  • Flexible menu layouts: at this higher upgraded version of Magento 2 mega menu, there will be 3 types of menu layouts for your printing site including horizontal, vertical and both horizontal and vertical. You will impressive with the fantastic looking it brings. You can see image to know about the example for each type of menu:

Horizontal menu

Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 (2)

Vertical menu:  all categories will be hidden in Main menu, so your site will look actually clean

Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 (3)

Both horizontal and vertical menu:

Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 (4)

  • 7 menu styles supported:

Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 (1)

  • Clear Mega menu Structure: there are 4 statistic blogs on menu and this feature will allow you to show images as well as arrange information clear and neat.
  • Optimizing options with menu: Shop owners can arrange and decide how all factors in menu will be displayed just by some few clicks, so convenient and easy to use
  • Totally responsive: The advantages of responsive to a site in general and business website, in particular, are undeniable, regardless of devices customers use: desktop, smartphone or other, the experience is still so great.
  • Menu Customizations: This feature of Magento 2 Mega menu allows users show their static blog or category/sub- categories on menu as they want
  • Product on menu: Magento 2 mega menu allows admin to display products in special categories such as hot, new or featured items
  • Custom block: You can choose where the block will be placed: top, bottom, left or right, set block width on right or left side or decide to hide or display block.
  • Category Labels: you can freely create label for each category
  • Icon on Category: Users can add an icon to make categories clearer, for example, you choose icon letter or phone for Contact category.
  • Configuring mega menu from admin panel: In admin panel, you can set Menu types or decide to show or not show home link only apply for horizontal menu.
  • Subcategories: You can narrow the product search results by divide them into subcategories, reduce search tool usage.


All in all, Magento 2 Mega menu is an indispensable tool for any printing site, it will be actually powerful when bringing your site the great user experience for customers. If you intend to build a printing website with Magento e-commerce platform, you can try Magento Printing Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package, it is also integrated Mega menu extension and the price of this solution package is reasonable.

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