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Magento One Step Checkout Extension for printing solution

Magento one step checkout

You have web printing to serve a huge customer. And your business is good with a lot of perfect products to bring big revenue for you. However, you have a problem with your checkout page. Have you thought that your customers are satisfied with your quality of the product but not the step of checkout? With the checking out process, the buyers have much time to do a lot of steps in order to buy products, it takes them a lot of time and makes them confused. You will not miss a chance to serve your customer forever so you need a solution with one step checkout extension.

According to some companies report, at least 60% of checkouts end without order confirmation. Customers will go to checking out process to complete checkouts quickly if they are satisfied. The final step is very important in buying the product online because many companies lose the amount of money at this step. Although one step checkout brings a lot of benefits for you, its price is reasonable and cheaper so why is not this extension suitable completely for your printing shop?

After selling the Magento one step checkout extension for our customers, there are a lot of compliments sent for us: the excellent product, it is so easy to install and to configure. Magento one step checkout is the best checkout in the market such as color customized, product image, edit link and more… with many features cleaner and beautiful. Besides, customers have been satisfied with the team support, they are a very helpful and fast response to make buyers comfortable.

Cmsmart has responsive Magento one step checkout extension bring a lot of benefit for your printing web. It does not only have a simple checkout process with beautiful and smooth interfaces but also it is responsive in all device, the clients will buy your product anytime, anywhere easily.

Now, do you have a decision? Let have more understanding the main features of Magento one step checkout extension:

Only one step checkout with 3 styles form Reduce from 6 steps to one step in the only page. So you have a fast checkout process to buy one product. More, there are 3 styles form with our passion, easy to set up in admin panel with the style you love. All of the things is very simple and fast as this product is compatible with all Magento store.

Responsive design: One step checkout extension of Magento is responsive in the device as a desktop, laptop, tablet. Especially, it is convenient shopping everywhere, anytime in the smartphone with high quality of the product. You are not worried about the sale program of products, are you?

Checkout easily: With one step checkout, billing and shipping address will automatically fill full information for you. Just write down your information in checkout page so you have had thing what you want in high uploading speed. You can pay through many popular payment methods as Paypal, Credit card and more… Guests are checked out without login or register.

Manage many files in the back – end: Position of layouts as billing address, the shipping address can be arranged easily in the admin panel. Moreover, you can select many files in the required fields.

Configure functions: Admin can set up display icons, images to increase the choice for buyers in the checkout process. You can custom the delivery date to receive the product. The shopper is able to know what their customers interested in to make a marketing campaign in the near future.

Many utilities: Logging in from checkout page without hassles to make comment, have a lot of coupon or gift. The update feature is there to facilitate your customer by choosing the shipping method. And rates when they are done with selecting country, city, region and zip code. Auto-update shipping, payment method, and order totals, all of them are very simple and faster in responsive Magento one step checkout extension.


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