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Release version 4.0.0 Magento Online Design | Update now

banner update 4.0.0 MGT OD (650x440)

With the powerful, detailed, and full of features, Magento is currently a great solution for e-commerce websites. To be more precise, the Magento platform was born to be dedicated to e-commerce. Going deeper into the printing field, in the past, if customers want to print a product, they must go to a design and printing workshop to print it manually. ...

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Who is the customer of Magento online design?

For any trader, before launching a product or service, identifying the audience is a key factor. Research and determine who the target audience is? Why are those people? … one of the steps that need to be invested. In the printing industry is no exception. Currently, Cmsmart has released the latest version 4.0.0 Magento online design and our customers have ...

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What is the benefits of Magento online design 4.0.0 for shop owners and the customer?

Meeting the needs of the customer and improve product quality even so Advanced user experience is smart action of any the businessman. The technology age rapid development as a rainstorm and Increasingly assert its importance in any field. In the e-commerce field, if WordPress trust of the customer from the simple plugin, easy to use… Magento is no less competitive. ...

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The Reason To Choose Online Design Print To Business With Magento Platform


If you intend to start an online business but don’t know which industry you should join, a suggestion for you is digital printing. As you know, along the roads, from urban to rural, signs from simple to complex are displayed a lot on the street. Or simply you just need to pay attention to everything around, how many of them ...

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More security than the convenience of online payment.


The security and convenience are two important issues in an e-commerce website. Website developers have researched and optimized both of these factors to provide the best product quality for customers. There is an existing problem that these two issues are always contradictory. When the security factor is enhanced, convenience decreases and vice versa. Convenience is simple, concise, no complicated process. ...

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