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Print On Demand – The biggest chance for start-up

I think everyone is having a desire to start-up. But in this strangely conflicted world of opportunity and challenges, it’s really hard to survive. In this post, I’d like to introduce you a start-up opportunity with low barriers to entry call “Print-on-demand”.

What is print on demand?

In the simplest terms, print on demand refers to the printing of individual items to order. This means many of the necessary evils of online retail are no longer necessary. Rather than negotiating with suppliers, ordering (and holding) stock up-front–and hoping that inventory sells–orders are simply printed and fulfilled whenever a customer places an order.

Over the past decade, print-on-demand has taken huge strides in the world of self-publishing, marketing, fashion and, increasingly, custom merchandise. Tech solutions are now in place to fulfill print-on-demand orders anywhere in the world within days, offering a seamless experience to customers, and generating passive income for businesses and individuals.

For entrepreneurs and hobbyists, print-on-demand – with its low barriers to entry and minimal up-front costs – can be the foundation of a rewarding and profitable side business. Just create a slogan, upload it to a print-on-demand platform, market your products, and watch the orders roll in.

The same factors apply to startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and we’re increasingly seeing businesses of this profile embracing print-on-demand product ranges in efforts to free up cash, build brand loyalty, drive revenue and grow their brand.

Free up your cash flow

Any small business will appreciate the importance of cash flow to meet costs – both expected and unexpected.

No business owner ever feels happy about tying up cash in unsold inventory, but in the past that’s just been the way the game worked: I guess you could file it under “speculate to accumulate.”

With print on demand, you only pay when you take an order – and your customer is paying you. In other words, there’s no need to spend anything on stock, freeing up your cash to work harder in your business.

A potential revenue stream with no up-front investment has to be considered.

Build brand loyalty and advocacy

A lot has been written about brand loyalty and how it’s built. It’s a complex, nuanced issue and debate has raged about the extent to which loyalty is rational/habitual or emotional.

A recent Harvard Business Review report claims the majority of consumers make purchase decisions almost exclusively based on brand familiarity and convenience. It also claims that each time we make a purchase from a particular brand  – reaffirming our original choice – it gains a further advantage over competitors. In other words, the gap widens with every purchase (unless we’re let down by the product we choose).

 However, what’s clear is that, for many of us, the brands we love don’t just exist in a vacuum in our heads. For many of us, they become a part of who we are. A respondent to a MarketingLand survey illustrated the extent to which a brand can become tied up with our very identity.


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