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Printing Industry Trends in 2020

Printing Industry TRENDS in 2020

The printing industry trends are offering more opportunities for printers.

While some trends will have more of an impact than others, that doesn’t mean that they should be overlooked. If left ignored, even the smallest trends could start wreaking havoc with a company’s bottom line. Let’s take a look at Printing industry trends in 2020.

2020 Printing Industry Trends

Increased Personalization

Printing is a personal service, primarily due to sensitive documents being used. However, an increasing number of businesses have been offering a more personalized approach to the product, with seeing in a variety of ways. One of the primary ways that this has done is through expanded the number of services that a company offers, such as design and layout.


Businesses have been taking note of this, which has made the trend speed up in recent months.

Increased Digitization

Workflow digitization has become increasingly prominent in a variety of industries, which has meant that the printing niche has had to catch up. One of the primary ways that this doing through allowing users to scan and store their documents quickly and easily.


This is something that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, although it could mean a rework of certain products. Though it’s a simple touch, it’s something that customers are increasingly expecting as-standard, making it something that printing companies can’t avoid.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has affecting almost every industry that creates electronic devices. This is where a product can automatically connect to other products to facilitate ease-of-use.

Traditionally, this has seen through a printer-computer connection, although it’s become increasingly common to see smartphones and other devices connect with a printer. This has meant that the products have had to become increasingly more adept with newer models, without it negatively affecting performance.

Also, web2print is one of the upcoming trend. It helps customers creating their own products.

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Minimalism In Design

For years, designers have opted for complex designs that were created to capture attention and get across as much information as possible. This is something that’s been changing in recent months, as customers are instead choosing more minimalistic designs.

minimalism in design

For companies that offer a design service alongside their printing, this means that they’ll need to put a focus on clean, crisp images that still comes across as elegant.

Cutbacks & Acquisitions

Not all of the trends affecting the area have been positive. Many companies in the printing industry have been forced to reduce their costs, with a variety of reasons behind this. One of the primary ways that they’ve done so is by reducing their workforce.

Several factors have played into this, with increased automation and other technological trends helping to drive these cutbacks. These improvements have meant that many firms require fewer workers to maintain their output and quality.

Printing On-The-Go

Technological innovations have meant that printing companies can offer their services in a variety of ways. One of the more notable ways that this has happened is with printing-on-the-go. It allows customers to order prints from their smartphones.

Print on the go

Much of this has driven by increasingly connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT). While this means that companies will have to put more investment into upgrading and improving their devices so that they can capitalize on this, it can reap dividends.

This could provide much more customer satisfaction while also allowing companies to put less time and effort into the customer experience while seeing the same rewards.

Improved Sustainability

Environmental causes have become increasingly more popular among many industries, with this being primarily driven by customer preferences. Printing has been no exception to this, as consumers are beginning to demand less harmful practices.

This has meant that many large companies have begun launching eco-friendly initiatives, with HP being a notable example of this. There are a variety of ways that this has done, such as by planting two trees for everyone that’s used in the printing process. Using recycled paper is perhaps the most obvious, and easiest way of doing so.

While this may have been optional in years past, it’s becoming increasingly more mandatory. As a result, it’s a trend that will affect almost every printing company in the years to come. Let’s make something that each will have to focus on.

While customers aren’t dictating how a firm goes about being environmentally-friendly. They’re unlikely to choose a company that doesn’t put any thought into it.

3D Printing

While 3D printing has around for several years already, this has previously been a niche area. This has changed, however, as 3D printers have become increasingly more affordable. While this price is at an all-time low, that doesn’t mean they’re in the grasp of a typical consumer.

This has meant that many printers have begun diversifying and offering the service to their existing client base. Despite its growth, there are still a large number of businesses that don’t provide the service.

While this means that there will considerable upfront investment. The future cost of offering the service will relatively low. Which could bring high margins to those with the capabilities.


Becoming more service-oriented has become a popular model among many industries, with this beginning to affect printing. Also known as a subscription model, print-as-a-service provides a much more automated approach for customers.


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