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Printshop – WordPress Responsive Printing Theme

PrintShop WordPress Responsive Printing Theme is a great theme that easily customizes for medium and small printing enterprise.


Ultimate layouts

  • Customizable responsive layout: Custom maximum width of the page is optimized for the whole of screen resolutions and wide screens. WordPress Printshop theme factors will be transformed smoothly on every breakpoint if you resize website browser window to adapt to the current screen dimension.
  • Advanced structured layouts: There are a lot of layouts for each of page, sections and devices consisting of the home pages, footers, headers, category pages, detail page, check out, cart, about us, blogs, sliders, portfolio, menu, and so on.
  • Wide or box layout: Printshop supports wide screens or box layout which in the admin dashboard that you are able to choose the maximum width of the page or even specify your custom non-stard width.
  • Unlimited layout combination: A real Printshop website layout is combination of 3 slider choices and 20 header choices, more than 5 footer layouts, 3 main body layout, more than 5 mega layouts and unlimited content blocks display in sections of main body. The configuration will start with the first option of common layouts. After that, it comes each sections layout, then adjust the width, and then contents and colors adjustment of each block. Additionally, you are able to start with demo layouts and preset style.
  • Fluid grid system: This theme always utilizes maximum available width of the screen to show content. It can be shown on every screen. Fluid width can be disabled.

Unlimited designs

  • Customizable design: You can change the visual appearance as you wish in back-end of most of every factors of the whole site.
  • No coding required: You should utilize back-end configurations, choose colors of many elements using color pickers, set hundreds of choices and save to view the change.
  • Google Fonts: Integration with the whole available Google Fonts.
  • Unlimited colors: Applying textures, changing colors of most of every element of any site part, uploading custom background images, and so on.
  • Bootstrap framework: Creating with CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Custom font stack: Capability of choosing standard web-sale fonts or define custom font stack.
  • Multiple more configuration and just add more for each new versions released every month…

Home page

  • Banners and slideshow: Additional banners at the left or right side of the slideshow.
  • Home page slideshow: Easy to use and fully customizable with unlimited creativeness of the latest and best WordPress Revolutions Slider, visual composers, drop and drag features and sample sliders imports.
  • List of categories: Expressing block with the list of all categories in one of the sidebars. The categories is automatically links to its stores. This supports Multiple Stores.
  • Main columns layout and left – right side bar: You can express custom content in many sidebar blocks. Moreover, you are able to select the layout of the home page: 1, 2, or 3 columns. You are also able to disable or enable WordPress’s default sidebar blocks on home page.
  • Parallax support: You can only insert a custom block with Parallax background or use a full Paralax layout with just text, images, videos and several products blocks.
  • Testimonials sliders: Displaying block with the testimonials your clients and its content can be easily adjusted in admin.
  • Tab product: Displaying products in tab with various transition effect.
  • Videos support: Inserting video in person into your sliders or utilizing video clips inside your home page layout as easily with custom block. The videos can be inserted from Vimeo or Upload on your website server.
  • “Promotion products” slider: Presenting chosen products on any page.
  • Brand slider: Presenting all brands on the home page.
  • Recent works: Showing recent works to demonstrate the best products.
  • “New products” slider: Configuring the scrolling speed, product quantity, manual or automatic scrolling and automatically showing products marked as “new”.
  • Blogs post: Expressing blog post any parts of site and owning variety of selections.
  • Services block: Expressing services business deliveries.
  • Advertising banner: Displaying columns of custom banners utilizing fluid grid system. Besides, all images are responsive.
  • Step for revenue: Displaying purchasing process of purchasers step by step.

Strong header layouts

  • Header icons: With social media icon, website and user profile icons are able to change styles of hyperlinked, hove colors, and more. Plus, they are able to be disabled.
  • Ultimate header layouts: Printshop has the most comprehensive scientific structurally layouts and header selections with up to 20 options that can be unlimited combinations.
  • Logo: Admin can upload various logos for diverse shops and support a lot of shops.
  • Top menu: Optimized for the most popular used menus, for instance, registration, user account, languages, cart, and currency converters. Each of element is full of configurations.
  • Sticker menu bar: Key menu can be adjusted to appear with the scrolling down of the fixed display or content
  • Header transparent: You are able to establish header transparent that the desired percentages of Opacity to show prominently the slider. Furthermore, you are able to adjust the colors of any header elements to match with your website colors and sliders.
  • On/off: When you desire base on the header layouts, header icon and top menu can be turned off.


WordPress Printshop theme package is neccessary for every WordPress printing solution. I have supplied basic information of this theme. You can view here for more full information. And if you need any helps, please let me know in the Comment box! You can also view articles on this website if you want to understand more about printing.

Thank you for reading!

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