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The Reason Why You Need A Web To Print Solution

In my earlier post, I’ve written The step to choose the right web to print solution and how to drive customers to your web to print site, today, I will present The Reason Why You Need A Web To Print Solution. Every company needs marketing materials, so why not simplify the process with a web to print solution? Web to print sites gives you the ability to order, customize, print, and ship any kind of marketing material from a centralized e-commerce style website.

Order business cards, design banners for an upcoming tradeshow, or send out a welcome kit for new clients. Each web to print storefront is fully customizable to meet your organization’s business requirements including approval workflows, billing set up, reporting, and more.

With web to print solution, customers, staff, and partners can:

  • Create materials with easy-to-use templates,
  • View and approve the proof
  • Ordering for custom printed materials or static inventory items,
  • Manage inventory and shipments
  • Pay for everything with just a few clicks

With all this in mind, you can save tons of time and resources and use that for other essential jobs. Here are some reasons why you need a web to print solution:

1. Maintain brand consistency

It takes time to create a brand and it’s easy to mislead it with the wrong marketing material.

Using an online storefront, you can create print on demand templates for everything from brochures to banners. Marketing teams can work hard to create organizational brand standards. So, it’s nice to know there is a way to keep it intact. Materials created from storefronts – using templates set by the marketing team – will always have the right design, colors, fonts, and paper no matter where and how they are used.

Alternatively, you can create an outlook for your brand but make small changes to meet the needs of different offices or store locations. For example, you could create the same marketing brochures but change the addresses, images, or services provided to match each location without making your graphic design team difficult.

2. Eliminate outdated materials and maintain version control

With web to print storefront, you ensure that everyone can place an order the most up to date marketing materials which can be critical for some industries.

You can save tons of time by updating materials in one place but you can easily notify your users if a new version or product is available.

Instead of sending lots of contact information and files, users will be able to visit a convenient website to get the latest and best documents for your company.

3. Faster turnaround time

In the past, ordering marketing materials meant calling a variety of vendors, requesting a quote, designing and sending files, waiting for proof, editing, and waiting for your product to arrive. However, it is not anymore with web to print solution. Web to print system eliminates most of the waiting time and communication and avoids costly mistakes. Costs are negotiated ahead of time, the proofs are instant and interactive, and don’t need editing. Ordering takes only minutes instead of days. In today’s fast-paced business environment, that’s worth it

4. Centralized purchasing

Buying marketing materials from a vendor saves you time and money. If you are ordering your marketing materials from multiple vendors, then reducing your costs and keeping track of how much you’re spending may be more difficult. Even if your products originate from many different vendors, a good web to a print solution will allow your associates to buy them on a single storefront.

5. Product line control

Web to print solution is not just for printed products anymore. If you are finding the way for your associates to access various products like business cards, brochures, name tags, T-shirts, Facebook banner, Twitter images, etc then web to print solution is the right for you. A web to print solution allows your users to gained these variable, static, and inventory products from one web to print storefront.

6. Shipping where you need to

With web to print storefront, it not only can help you ship where you need to conveniently with just fingertips but also reduce the stress of complicated shipping process. Experts perform behind the scenes make sure that your deliveries arrive as safely and economically as possible. Plus, you’ll always know exactly where your package is with convenient tracking notifications.

7. Cost savings

Implementing a web-to-print solution represents a certain level of commitment to your provider. Vendors want to know whether if they can trust your business. This means they can reward your commitment to their web printing system at special discounted prices for products ordered there. Moreover, the web to print system eliminates the need to use a graphic designer to do basic updates to variable items like business cards. Therefore, web to print system saves you tons of money. Because it allows people with no prior training in graphic design to make changes during the ordering process.

8. Focusing and streamline the ordering process

Online storefronts give people a central place to customize, order, and pay for materials. Any registered user will have the right to create what they need. Instead of relying on the marketing team to handle every request. In addition, they will save time researching suppliers, making ordering, tracking shipments and working with multiple suppliers will become easier and more convenient.

The storefront also saves you considerable time at checkout. Imagine you receive a monthly invoice that shows all print marketing orders across your company. Also, you will be able to conveniently pay an invoice instead of dealing with multiple vendors and payment systems.


Web to print solution is a marketing collateral management system where control of order entry, fulfillment, accounting, and reporting. They are consolidated and streamlined into one convenient package. Hopefully, this article of Reasons Why You Need a Web to Print Solution has given you the reasons why your printing business should need the web to print solution.

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