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Simple and affordable: Profundus One delivers customized web-to-print


In the past, customizable CI-conform print products seemed to be the playground of only large companies. They engaged that game by putting it up via an online print portal. However, this case has changed in recent years when a Hamburg-based software developer tends to care more about not only marketing departments and agencies of smaller businesses but also the customer-specific print product stores of printed service providers.

There is another solution for you – Profundus One was developed with SMEs in mind. This way does not require you to have a certain IT department as well as too much knowledge about programming or design; you are totally able to create customizable templates with the support of online editor, although the fields for specific and variable data are easy to configure. Moreover, creators are allow putting more details on other parameters like options and sizes of front and coloring formatting or even the provision of picture galleries.

Template design as with Office applications

There will be templates available to design in the web browser without intervention from InDesign or PDF templates. User can experience directly and visually during the design process, even frontend end-users also enable to customize designs in the template. Majority of customers or users mentioned above hardly afford to use expensive PDF engines such as InDesign Server. The print-PDFs produced are ISO-standard; Profundus One can also deal with other output formats like TIFF, JPEG, and PNG.

SaaS, self-hosting or elsewhere in the cloud

A fact shows that Profundus One appears fairly flexible in terms of both backend and frontend customizability. The provider can see the potential for developing of this solution; therefore, they hope and try to launch it successfully as a SaaS model payable in monthly installments of a few hundred Euros. Nevertheless, upgrading is unavoidable. A single license will allow several stores to be established and work in the multi-client-capable software. Purchasing a self-hosting license is considered as other option alongside the SaaS model.

On the other hands, Profundus One is sometimes docked on to other hosting services like a cloud solution and Amazon Web Services/Amazon Cloud is a typical example for this case (fortunately, Google rates regional/national hosting better than remote server locations). All installation versions provide for http, https, IPv4 and IPv6. On the server front Profundus One utilizes a PDF and font engine as well as a database and file server.

A software development start-up called “Profundus Solutions GmbH”, set up by Profundus Dr. Schröder Consulting is the brain behind Profundus One. This business is famous for both solutions, services to the print and media industry such as Helios Server, Callas pdfToolbox and proprietary integration software. They mostly concentrate and highlight the “non-specialists”. However, in short, Profundus One is still ranked as one of the most interesting options for smaller print service providers.

Souce: @beyond-print.de

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