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Special features make Woocommerce product designer ONE OF A KIND

Woocommerce product designer plugin

Do you know that impressive designs and great visual content will play an actually important role in our today’s economy? Regardless of who you are (a writer or entrepreneur), which field you are in, as long as you are interested in designing and selling products and services. However, I heard a lot of people complain that the difficulty they usually cope with is hiring a competent designer because if you start a blog or a startup, hiring might be too expensive and their capital budget cannot satisfy. Photoshop is not a bad idea but quite time-consuming.

Nowadays, we have a cheaper and more effective tool called online design tool. It will always the great idea to edit your photos and design amazing visuals in no time. In this article, I will introduce all of you a tool called Woocommerce Product designer plugin. Besides a lot of outstanding features an online design tool should have, I will give you some unique ones that you cannot find in other plugins. Let’s start:

  1. Uploading images from your devices, live URL, social channels or webcam
  • If among the collection of fonts provided by developer, customers cannot find what they want, they can upload their own images from various sources such as Facebook, web, webcam, etc.
  • The uploaded files will be temporarily saved for later use
  • Your files might be PNG, JPG, GIF and size is adjusted in the backend
  • You can zoom or rotate, create text shadow according to dimension X or Y.
  • Picture crop styles are varied such as crop tool, lasso tool, heart shape, round or star shape, etc. The picture can be reset back to its origin.
  1. Free-hand drawing
  • You love art, you want to design by yourself, we provide full tools for you such as pencil, circle, spray, pattern, square, texture, etc.
  • Woocommerce product designer allows users to add available geometrics as rectangle, circle, triangle, line and polygon. And can change color, rotate, opacity.
  1. Adding QR code
  • QR code will be your own signature, so you can create QR code and add it into your design
  • That QR code can be zoomed and rotated easily.
  1. Powerful help tools
  • More tools are included in this Woocommerce Product designer plugin such as asnext, zoom in, zoom out… All buttons are arranged clearly for convenient use.
  • Double player
  • Next to the left, right, up or down
  • Layer can be reversed from left to right or from above to below.
  • Vertical align, horizontal align
  • Layer can be zoomed.
  • Layer can be deleted.

What we mentioned above are the most outstanding and special features that make Woocommerce product designer plugin be one of a kind on the market. There are a lot of other wonderful features that are worth for you to discover. Netbase team always try to perfect this product by updating changelog frequently. Hope you find this article helpful for you.

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