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Happy valentine’s day, Happy discount deal!!

Buddy & Love Who said that Valentine’s day only for couples? We denied it. Valentine is the day of sweet things, and the sweetest thing is when your e-commerce site brings you success. Let’s spend this valentine’s day to honor working buddy. Today, our CMSmart will present to you a Buy 1 Get 2 event. Discount 20% for Magento Package ...

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Lunar New Year 2020: Specials, Promotions & Offers

Even though 2020 has already started, we know for the ones who celebrate the Lunar New Year it never feels like The New Year. In 2020, the first day of Lunar New Year falls on 25 January 2020, Saturday, which means a warm weekend spending your precious time with the family. On the first day of the New Year, family ...

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Promote your business or your brand with t-shirts

Promote your brand or business

Over the years we have learned how big brands use t-shirts in creative ways to drive customer confidence and promote their brands to wider audiences. Below are 7 big brand strategies you can use to promote your business or brand with t-shirts. 1. Dress to impress Dressing your staff in brand uniforms is a must for any business. They act ...

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Printing Industry Trends in 2020

Printing Industry TRENDS in 2020

Naturally, this has led to a variety of trends affecting the niche over the past few years; while some have been around for a while, some are only beginning to start. Coupled with more demands from customers. Printing companies will need to evolve extensively over the coming months, and possibly years, to keep revenues, and consumer satisfaction, high. While some ...

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Web To Print Open Source


There was a time when printing something warranted a trip to the copy shop or the printing company. A time when it seemed like home printers were increasingly becoming a necessity in every household. Then, Web to Print systems happened. A convenient solution for both commercial users and individuals, it has thrived in the growing digital age of the Internet. ...

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