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The continued benefits of printed marketing

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When looking at the item around you like business card, stickers, labels, posters or banners, can you find what is the common point of them? Yep, so simple, they are all the products of digital printing and the contribution of printing to every industry is undeniable.

The question raised is what are the key success factor that can make printed marketing appear in everywhere, event programs and promotion? Printing engages and affects closely to customers’ life, it attracts the attention by multifunctional, innovative and persuasive. It is the most outstanding point that no other channel can bring to people. You can use it as one effective part of your marketing strategy by including QR codes and web details. Without limiting amount, digital printing can satisfy full or even more than you desire; therefore, the turnover ratio of this service will be shorten.

The impact of print on your marketing

Have you ever noticed that in this high-tech era, your sale revenue will increase significantly thanks to point of sale advertising, brochure printing, direct mail and leaflets? They will extend your range for reaching customers including retails, merchants, manufacturing and tourism industries. Regardless of different careers, people use it for the same aim – enhancing the brand and stimulating profits.


Print and online media – The perfect partners

According the latest report Advertising Association / Warc Expenditure, the revenue from advertising printing is forecasted to exceed 5.7% in 2015 in comparison to 9.1% of 2013. This data indicates that printing still keep the strong effect but it seems to direct to be used for driving sales and online traffics.


Being more creative with print

Digitalprinting.co.uk is a treasury of creativity that is really useful for your brand awareness and by the strength of Internet, people can read your advertising when working or relaxing.

Brochures, Catalogues and Leaflets

Printing is a type of tangible assets of advertising. It will make people spend more time to browse a booklet or brochure. To satisfy your demands, we can print leaflets just in some pages or even up to books of 700 pages.


With some types of these products such as business cards, letterheads or compliment slips, you can require printing company to print your label for increasing brand awareness.

Stands, Banners and Vinyl

There are diversify of pull-up banners, exhibition stands and vinyl options in idea bank, you can choose freely to support your shops, windows, trade shows or outdoor.

Posters and Point of Sale

The posters with all sizes from A4 to 48 sheet billboards are always available for your business. The most interesting thing of printing is there is no minimum print run, you don’t need to print more posters than you need.

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