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Top 5 printing and document trends for implementing in 2017

In recent years, most of the businesses have recognized the importance of SAAS in managing infrastructure and operating costs for their printing needs. They rapidly carry out digital transformation. I mean taking advantage of technologies such as cloud and SAAS. So in 2017, I predict and also believe that it will be a promising year with the dramatical improvement of productivity and costs reducing associated with print and document workflow. Therefore, in this article, I will list the five most outstanding trends printing organization should consider for implementing:

1. Managed Print Services (MPS) for digital transformation

According to the reliable data collected from a recent search, 80 percent of respondents try to grow their business via efficiency in digital transformation. So, as a result, the demands they require for MPS providers and smart multifunction printers (MFPs) will be higher. These two usually use direct integration with enterprise content management (ECM). Include document workflows to support the transition to paperless operations as well as an increasingly mobile staff. So, in 2017, MPS providers will be expected to support organization digital transformation.

2. Document security

More transactions occur online means higher demands for security and there is a potential risk in MPF that a lot of users forgot. MPF is a multi-function printer using for printing, scanning, and copying the most sensitive information. It may be the cause leading to the useless of previous security efforts. Thus, in 2017, more attention will be put on printing and document.

3. Cloud-based enterprise services on the rise

Cloud-based services are quickly integrated by IT departments with the purpose of reducing costs and meet the needs of remote and mobile workers. If you are the enterprises, don’t hesitate to integrate with existing on-premise systems like enterprise resource planning, document repositories or print services. In 2017, if you haven’t taken part in the cloud-based user community, let’s find providers to have a cloud-based option for your business.

4. Subscription-based models for print management

I believe that with most of the people, SAAS or Software as a service is no longer a strange term. However, in the printing industry, in particular, even it can be considered as the mature industry, and SAAS still seems to be slower than others to adopt it. In 2017, I suggest that savvy customers who are always aiming for efficiency in managing infrastructure and operating costs will quickly request SAAS for their printing companies.

5. Increase in 3D print solutions

Just in a few years, the rise of the 3D print solution is undeniable, especially you can see in education facilities. If you have the right strategies, the right means it is trendy and suitable for your situation; 3D printers can do far more than introducing modern technology into the education process. It is more valuable than what you can think about now. I beg that you will see the explosion of printer adoption. It will support users manage access and costs, create workflows across multiple 3D printers and many other functions.

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