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Unique points of Magento Online Design tool

Unique point of MGT

An online design tool will be used for many types of printing business as a T-shirt, business card, flyer, mug, hat, hand door, phone case, badges, brochure, and so much more. After your customers save their design files in JPG, SVG or PD format via our Online Design Tool, the shop owner will print them and deliver them to customers in the fastest way.

There was many design tool out there for you to choose from. Therefore, this article will bring you an overview of our product and a few unique points of Magento Online Design tool to help you have fulfillment information and a clear way to choose which is suitable for you.

  • A large number of Hotkeys

A hotkey is a combination of keys on a computer keyboard. When you pressed at one time, it will perform a task (simple as starting an application) more quickly than by using a mouse and other input devices. Hotkeys are sometimes called shortcut keys. There are many hotkeys in our tool which help your customers work faster

  • QR code

Nowadays, the QR Code is increasingly and widely used because it has many benefits to use. For example Special Equipment Needed. Fast, Easy to Use. High Security. Wherever You Go. Benefits for Sales Units. NBdesigner tool will help you to create a QR code and then add it to your design.

  • Download customer’s design file to SVG

Our tool supported you to download your customer’s design file to SVG. SVGs will be scaled to any size without incurring pixelation or loss of detail. Simple images like logos and charts will generally have a smaller file size than their bitmapped JPG, PNG or GIF equivalent.

  • Freehand drawing

Bringing the fulfilling customization for users, you can use many available brushes to draw and create your own signature. Bringing your customer a personalization design will score for your site. Because nowadays, users really appreciate personalization.

  • Add/ curve text and 200+ typography

A customer can add text with various fonts, sizes,  and colors. Especially, they will curve text in their design and edit anything. There are 200+ typography available which save some time to search out

  • Add clip art

Customers can select images from many sources as their computer, Instagram, Dropbox, Url, Facebook, Unsplash or Pixabay, etc… With 1.500.000 beautiful images, you’ll be able to search and find the one you like.

  • Flexible config

You can set size upload, preview thumbnail size, thumbnail quality, and show the custom design in order and the card, admin notifications, etc…

  • Create PDF

PDFs are typically used to distribute read-only documents that preserve the layout of a page. It’s an efficient, easy-to-use document file type. The important thing is to know how to navigate it, considering how prevalent it has become in a professional setting. You can quickly create a PDF file from a design file, this is our unique points of Magento Online Design tool.

  • 100% responsive & mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly
100% Responsive to mobile

Because responsive web design is mobile-friendly, it helps increase visibility on search engines, which successively can mean more visitors to your website. More traffic leads to better lead generation added conversions and increased sales. While your online design tool 100% responsive & mobile-friendly, it will be your chance to be on top of google searching. Your customers can design on any device such as desktop, tablet or mobile.

There were many more unique points of Magento Online Design tool like

  • Powerful Layers
  • Easy to use
  • Various Elements
  • Frontend translate with multiple languages
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Etc,…

The online design tool is very popular now, to be outstanding, you need choosing a perfect tool to help you and our Magento Online Design tool is one of the best. Please visit Magento Online Design to get more information and detail or direct our sales team. Visit CMSmart for more outstanding extensions.

Best regard!

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