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Web to Print – What Are the Challenges?


It is obvious that the growing popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web has opened up opportunities for commercial printers or Web-to-print to interact more effectively with their partners and customers. We can make a long list of outstanding advantages it provides us such as submitting print jobs, doing online prepress reviews/previews or designing things like postcards directly on a website using rich user interfaces. However, a discussion shows that the peple coming from the print industry still feel unconfident technicalities of the software.

The truth is that people working in this industry does not mean that they are all professional about that field; therefore, they tend to be unwilling to apply any print software because of the difficult they may suffer from in the future. Profit is the final expected purpose of each investment behavior, thus, investors are all careful in considering the chance of success and if they may waste money or not. To help you deal with this problem, we want to recommend some solution to conquer those challenges and make web-to-print become one of the vital part in their investment project.

  1. Print software as an infrastructure investment

When the technology mushroom, it means that it’s intervene to our life will increase more and more. The software is a huge part of print business infrastructure and along with its development will be the challenges, why don’t you deliberate how to make it become the part of your investment and be comprehensive enough to streamline the whole printing process from entry to invoice.

  1. Selling Partner

At this time, when the advancement of print indutry reach the mature level, print quality is not the strength that you can make use of. The major problem is how you can approach and enter to the market and attract the potential customers.

  1. Convenience

The basic thing that people really expect when they apply technology is the convenience. It is also similar as your goal, your users will expect to attract their customers and you can put yourself in their position to understand. An example for a method is that you can offer your customers to distribute the printed collateral to the end users. Therefore, multi services provided is a crucial feature for the web to print system.

  1. Cloud is Preferable

Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. It helps to eliminate majority of difficulties in software implementation. With a cloud web to print system, printers can edit, maintain, customize and reiterate records.

  1. Vendor with knowledge about the Print Business

As mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges printers suffer from is finding a software vendor with knowledge about print industry. It can not be said as the trade-off problem. It is clear that those vendors are the one who can carry out successfully who have knowledge about the printing process and industry. Thus, receiving the suggestions from the vendors who is navvy and understand thouroughly about this indusry is really needed.

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